Sunday, 6 October 2013


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Hi! I know, that I need to write more. I wish I had some new photos or something, but I am sick now. :( Yeah, I spend my Sunday by sitting on the bed and watching Glee. So, I hope to take some photos with  outfits next week. Love you all! <3

Всем привет! Я знаю, что мне стоит писать больше и я бы очень хотела сделать пост с какими-нибудь классными фотографиями. Но проблема в том, что я заболела и провожу воскресенье лежа в кровати и смотря Хор. Надеюсь, на следующей неделе получится сделать несколько фотографий, люблю вас всех. <3


1. My new UGGs, T-shirt and pants (Pim-Kie)
2. Typical mirror photo in Mc´Donald's with Kam.
3. I´ve been wanting this book for ages! Finally found it in a little book store.
4. Mac Cafe has really good macarons, check it out. ;)

1 & 4. Some photos from the field near our school.
2. Amazing Bio-bubble tea. My new favorite beverage.
3. Cool thing in Salzburg.

1. Halloween is comin´ . Cute little pumpkins in Spar
2. I LOVE fall drinks in Starbucks. Pumpkin spice latte tastes like heaven.
3. Coconut cupcake from the prettiest cafe in the world.
4. Sometimes I have some free time during study hall. See, what happens.

1. My cozy Saturday outfit (hat & bag - H&M; jacket & sweater - Guess; jeans - Mango; sneakers - Converse)
2. Pop-cake (btw haven´t tried it yet)
3. Amazing drawing by @anya_loves1d (Instagram)
4. I seriously have to buy this hat from Claire's. So sick!

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