Sunday, 31 July 2016


State Of Mind: Freesoul

Photography: Azalina

This post can perfectly describe my current state of mind. These photos represent the free soul, my love for life and desperate need of living it to the fullest every day. My style has changed. My goals have changed. I have changed. Material things don't matter anymore 
because they can't make me happy or truly prosperous. I'd rather spend all my money on traveling to Iceland than on a new Chanel bag, you know. I'm trying to focus more on self-discovery and create myself. I really want to make something of my own, that I can share with the world... And with you, guys!


  1. Чудесные снимки, просто волшебные! Это где-то рядом с Екатеринбургом? Буду безумно благодарна за наводку <3 И слова идеальные, больше мне сказать нечего, ānanda...

    1. Спасибо! Это Берёзовские пески)


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