Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bridesmaid Dress Inspo: Aisle Style UK

Hello, my lovelies! 
Today I have something a little bit different. As spring and summer are just around the corner and wedding season is coming, I decided to give you some inspiration for bridesmaid dresses from this very cool website Aisle Style UK. I am sure, that if your big day is coming up, you´ve already chosen THE dress. However, if you are just like me and usually attend weddings as a guest (or a bridesmaid), then I´ve got some options for you, girl. ;) Here you can find new 2017 Bridesmaid dresses.

I personally love lace details when it comes to evening dresses! I think it looks very delicate and feminine - perfect for a spring wedding. I would choose a pastel color, but there are a lot of different color options.

Who said, that your dress has to be long? Sometimes it´s more appropriate to wear something slightly shorter. Here are some of my favorite ones. I especially like the one with loose bell-sleeves. It´s so unique! 

           Pink dress                                                     Lilac Dress                                          Boho dress

You can also find there some special occasion dresses, wedding party dresses and plus size ones. <3

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